Aesthetically Versatile Doors

At our store we can present you with a range of doors that truly stand out. Our projects are all made from wood, presenting your home with a timeless and classical look. Wood can be styled in a variety of manners, giving an air of holistic aesthetics to your home. 

At Grima Furniture, we create both interior and exterior doors. This means that you can get an aesthetically versatile home solution that is pleasant, durable and functional.

Why Choose Grima Furniture?


Wooden doors offer aesthetic beauty to any building. They truly stand out and can provide you with the timeless elegance which you are looking for.


These doors are highly durable. When properly maintained, our wooden doors can withstand heavy rains, wind and force.


Wooden doors are versatile in style as well. You can paint your doors in any colour you would like. We also offer the possibility of getting stains.

Bespoke Windows

At our workshop we craft a number of wooden windows that will present your home with character and style. These windows can be extremely durable and cost-effective in the long run if properly taken care of.