Custom-Created Boutique Hotel Accents

A range of traditional Maltese apertures can be created by us at our workshop. These apertures are ideal for anyone who is looking to create a marriage between the old and the new in a uniform and aesthetically harmonious manner. 

We have created a selection of irregularly-sized and uniquely-designed apertures for numerous Boutique Hotels in Malta.

Modern or Classical Solutions

At our workshop, we can create a number of looks for your shop. These include open concepts, traditional designs and contemporary looks. We can help you create the perfect space for your customers to feel at ease.

Tailor-Designed Restaurant Furnishings

We present our clients with a range of custom-built commercial and corporate furnishings designed to create a beautiful, contemporary and functional space.
We can design a selection of restaurant tables, doors, windows, chairs and even bars. Our team of professional designers and carpenters can come up with an array of different styles and looks.

Fireproof Doors

We can also present you with a range of fire-resistant doors. These can be used to contain a fire in one room and not let it take over large areas in a building.